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Security certificate to download


For secure communication with us and our applications, we have issued security certificate for you.

CA certificate IDC-softwarehouse, s.r.o. can be downloaded from this link:

SHA256: D9:7B:89:3D:10:6B:8B:4A:E6:2F:E4:0B:6A:34:B8:C0:12:8A:42:D8:F4:17:E5:6A:E2:B1:5C:44:65:66:0B:88

SHA1:    7C:46:36:27:AE:78:02:7F:84:79:A2:4D:11:4A:D4:41:0B:22:B3:03

MD5:     41:A0:C4:19:91:45:28:FC:A1:9E:52:79:D8:2F:79:46

Please do not forget, during the installation, to check that the above fingerprints match.

Installation instructions

Windows certificate store used by Microsoft applications, such as Internet Explorer or Outlook:

  • Right click on the following link: IDC Certification Authority, select "Save Target As" and save the file on your computer (after import you can delete this file).
  • Open the downloaded certificate (double click) and select "Install Certificate".
  • Guide will lead you through the rest of the installation process. Be sure to check fingerprints.
  • Done

certificate store for Firefox and Thunderbird in Windows:

  • In Firefox, click on the link: IDC Certification Authority
  • Select "Trust ... to identify the website (trust this CA that identify websites).
  • Click on "View" and check whether fingerprints match
  • Click OK
  • Done

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