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Software on demand

Have you ever heard of or experienced that the development of customised software would increase in cost and would not be delivered on time? If so, whose responsibility was this? Customers will probably blame the software company and the developers, on the other hand, will blame the customer. So where is the truth and how do we get ourselves out of this?

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1. Business Analysis

Although you may not wish to acknowledge it, software development is a complex intellectual activity, the workings of which you can never quite penetrate. Though we as developers do not want to admit it, there are also human activities other than programming that can also be very complex and intellectually challenging. From this it follows that, during the carrying out of a software project, we need for the development of the software to try, first of all, to understand your main goals and objectives while you, on the other hand, need to trust that if you explain to us accurately what you want, that we will be able to tell you how it should be done.

2. Software Analysis

This will for you be quite an awkward jumble of use cases, UML diagrams, DB models, class diagrams, etc., which indicate to people who do understand (developers) how to do it. Unfortunately, also on the basis of this mess a schedule and a budget are created for you :-(

3. Development

Do you believe that just because you have a perfect plan it means that you will always construct a perfect house? Probably not. It is the same with software. If you do not actively and fully participate in its development, in the end you will not be satisfied. Who can understand your business, your ideas, your objectives and your motives and preferences better than you yourself? If you want to develop software with us, you have to count that it will hurt you and your people a little. For a short period they will have to do more work, in order that later there can be less of it or it will be greatly simplified.

4. Testing and Implementation

If you fail to communicate with us during the development phase, in accordance with the agreed scenario and schedule and you fail to carry out your partial testing and other homework, then you cannot be surprised if you find yourself unpleasantly surprised. Resistance to novelty is, in the end, a little easier to overcome if it does not come as such a surprise and if you were able to experience it and gave us a chance to incorporate your feedback prior to its final implementation.

5. Operation

The operation is a piece of cake for you. It's finished, it works so what are you actually paying us for?

6. Technical Support

But how about if it doesn't work. Are they so incompetent? Why they are messing around with it when it was working before and what are we pay them for? OK, but weren’t you saying that you prefer a lower price for the development, that you will not need this functionality, that you will never have so many users, that you are not going to change your platform on the company’s servers for at least two years, etc.? Do not worry! We are here to not let you down, since we experienced so many delightful and good-humoured situations before with you.

If you do not like our policies, never mind, you will always find someone who can offer what you will never be able to understand, much cheaper and faster. Please call us then, to tell us how it turned out.

PS: We too can get it wrong, but not more frequently than once per 10 years. We just hope that it will not happen in your case :-)




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