Hotel booking system - HORESYS

dubaj.jpgHoresys is a software tool designed to manage accommodation in hotels that provides for:

  • creating and editing the data concerning accommodation (rooms) in hotels
  • establishing the prices for accommodation and services in accordance with the criteria selected
  • booking accommodation and services for guests
  • checking-in individual guests and groups into their accommodation
  • recording charges and the payment of the bills of hotel guests and groups
  • the receipt and payment of cash into and out of the cash-desk system
  • currency exchange services
  • client registration
  • planning for the cleaning of rooms in accordance with their occupation status
  • organise the food service (kitchen)
  • recording the collection of local taxes
  • other reports, statistics and printed reports requisite for the operation of the hotel

Benefits of Horesys:

  • web-based application with access to a central server through the browser
  • ease-of-use of the programme
  • automatic calculation of final balances
  • prepared documentation for accounting
  • possibility of on-line linkage and management of multiple hotels (buildings) within one system

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