GOL IBE (Galileo on-line Internet Booking Engine) is a complex solution for selling air tickets and other travel services. Our online reservation system allows you to easily and attractively distribute services through your website. Thanks to GOL, you can offer your clients air transport, accommodation, insurance and any other service according to your needs.

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If you are interested in more details concerning the product, please visit our special product pages GOL IBE.

Download the GOL IBE product sheet in English: File:gol_ibe-product-sheet-en.pdfDescription:

For more business information you can also contact sales representatives of our official GOL IBE distribution partner Travelport - Galileo C.E.E.

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Benefits of GOL IBE:

  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • Search by various criteria.
  • GDS reservations with an automated system distributing fully customisable graphic and text client notifications and documents.
  • Full support of Travelport Flexible Shopping (Flex Weekend, Flex Radius, Flex Days).
  • Possibility to define service fees and commissions by various criteria.
  • Full support of corporate clients, including special fares for individual clients.
  • Access to a well-arranged back office for all system settings and administration of created reservations.
  • Complete customisation of your front end through back-office tools (icons, images, colours) and CSS.
  • A number of additional modules including dealer support.
  • Support of online payment systems. Once your client pays through a payment gateway, his or her electronic ticket is automatically issued and delivered via email, with no need for an agent.

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The solution consists of three basic functional components:

Internet Shop (Front End), comprising all the functionalities that the client can use for the selection and booking of services through the agency's website. This shop is publicly accessible to all users via the Internet.

Automatic Operator, representing the hidden executive core of the application. This is connected to the booking systems and to the other information resources. An automatic operator processes the information from the individual systems and prepares the results to be displayed. It implements all the requirements of clients, entered through the on-line shop.

Back Office, which permits the agency not only to manage information concerning clients and dealers on commission, but also to track any detail concerning bookings made and to adjust the parameters of the operation of GOL IBE. This facility is accessible only to the authorised personnel of agencies. 

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Travelport - Galileo Air Tickets
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