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Data Center Services

datacentrum.jpgOur data centre is located on the backbone network at the collocation facility (Nagano) of the Dial Telecom Company in Prague, with 24-hour a day security and technical support. All traffic is connected to an on-line monitoring system and, by default, data are fully backed-up once a day.

Our services are suitable for any company that wishes to save a significant amount for building and managing their own company’s Internet IT infrastructure, or who want to save on carrying out their own production, testing and creating a backup environment for their applications.


Virtual server hosting is a modern type of service that enables us to provide (host) clients with virtual servers in the backbone network. Virtual servers are emulated servers running in one powerful physical hardware environment (for the sake of simplicity you can imagine one powerful physical server, though there may be more that are linked together - clouds). Every virtual server has its own allocated guaranteed output of processing units (CPU), memory (RAM) and disk space (HDD) and, de facto, appears the same as a normal physical machine. The technology of virtual servers permits the optimal utilisation and safe sharing of hardware resources and thereby significant savings of scale and of the cost-effectiveness of the entire IT. In other words the customer always only pays for what s/he needs, while higher demand does not necessarily mean an abrupt increase in costs, as opposed to the purchase, installation and migration to a new or another more powerful physical server.


The physical server housing service is designed for conservative customers who still prefer to use their own or leased physical servers and for their location and professional administration to be within the backbone network of the data centre.


This service is designed for customers who wish to operate in the backbone network, but not the entire server, only their web site or web applications. This service, by default, includes the rental of disk space (PHP) and a database (MySQL), then additionally the registration of domain names (both Czech and foreign), the management of name servers (DNS) and the rental of mailboxes.




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